Getting into Drama School in 2014

Getting into drama school - RADAWe are now well into the autumn term and this year’s intake of drama school students are busy with voice,movement and theory classes. Meanwhile, if your goal is getting into drama school next year then you really need to be preparing now.

Most drama schools began taking applications in September. If you have already applied that’s great; if not, don’t panic, there is still time. Either way you need to be getting yourself prepared for that all important first interview and audition.

To help give you the best possible chance of getting a place at your chosen school we have pulled together a selection of the best advice from the web. There are contributions from drama school tutors, current students and people who have yet to secure a place who share their experiences so far.

Across all the material there are some themes that come up again and again:

  • Preparation is essential – research the schools carefully, prepare for your interview and prepare your audition pieces.
  • Be yourself – you may want to learn to act but the interview is no place for a performance!
  • The audition is the place for a performance – make it your best to-date by selecting your piece carefully and preparing it thoroughly
  • Be realistic – just applying to drama school costs a fortune in audition fees; the actual course will cost much more. If you need another year before you are ready then make that decision now.


If you are still deciding where to apply then check out our drama school directory – these are the very best drama schools in London and you won’t go far wrong with any of them.

So good luck, and let us know how you get on by leaving a comment on this page.


Getting into drama school resources:


How to get into drama school! Advice from Dorset School of Acting’s Principal on the best approach to auditioning for drama school. Hint and tips on getting the right speeches/songs.

Getting into Drama School: What is Audition Etiquette? Just a quick video on how I think you should act in and before an audition with others and getting yourself prepared! Hope you enjoy!


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