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Why Drama School?

If you are serious about a career in UK theatre or performance then you should be thinking about training at a drama school – preferably one accredited by Drama UK, which ensures courses are of a high professional standard. In practice this means studying at one of about 30 accredited colleges most of which are drama schools in London. Although there are many universities and colleges offering drama training, some of them excellent, it remains the case that your best chance of getting onto the career ladder in the performing arts is via one of the established drama schools.

But don’t think that drama school is only about acting – a quick search through the pages of the colleges listed here will also turn up courses in musical theatre, stage management, prop-making, and scenic art to name just a few. What is more you can now study at all levels from undergraduate right up to PhD.

So if you have the drive, the ambition and the talent there really is no reason not to give the drama schools in London a long hard look.


Why London?

But why London? Why not Glasgow or Bristol or Manchester? Well bear in mind that drama training is not just about what you are taught – vital though that is. Just as important is being immersed in a professional performing arts environment. There are many excellent colleges and theatres outside of London but it remains the case that the capital is the hub of British drama and media production. The oldest and best established of the drama schools are here. It is also where the majority of agents and producers are based. The National Theatre is here and, of course, the incredible theatrical hotspot of the West End. If you want to really immerse yourself for three years in the world of drama and performance London is truly a world leading centre, and the drama schools in London really are the best.


Getting Started

First of all, check out our guide to getting into drama school.  Then, once you are sure you know what you want and why, go to the directory of drama schools in London and shortlist the top few you plan to apply to. Finally – or better first of all – subscribe to our mailing list to be kept up to date with the latest news and developments.

We look forward to seeing your name in lights some time soon – break a leg!